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Mary was filled with God's life to the exclusion of the desire to place her will before His.  The virtues she possessed led her to choose to act in complete accordance to God's desires at all times.  She did not glory in the gift she received.  To others, she was as an ordinary Jewish girl growing up as the wife of Joseph.  Her simplicity was her strength.  It is this way today as she continues to show us her Son with the words, "Do whatever He tells you."

You, Oh Mary, have been made the holy one, and more glorious, more pure, and more saintly than all the rest of humankind, having a mind whiter than snow, and your soul more purified than the finest gold. (1)      
        St. Gregory Thaumaturgus

A gentle maiden having lodged a God in her womb, asks as its price, peace for the world, salvation for those who are lost, and life for the dead. (2)     
        St. Peter Chrysologus

There are three things that make death unpleasant; attachment to things in the world, sorrow because of sins committed, and the uncertainty of salvation.  The death of Mary was entirely free from these causes of bitterness, and was accompanied by three special graces which made it full of joy.  She died as she had lived, entirely detached from the things of the world; she died in the most perfect peace; and she died in the certainty of eternal glory. (3)     
        St. Alphonsus Liguori

Jesus dwelt in a womb which he had created free from all that might be to his dishonor. (4)
        St. Proclus

Had the angel said, O Mary, you are the greatest sinner in the world, her astonishment would not have been so great; the sound of so high praises filled her with fear. (5)
        St. Bernardine

O great humility of Mary! which makes her little to herself, but great before God.  Unworthy in her own eyes, but worthy in the eyes of that immense Lord whom the world cannot contain. (6)
        Abbot Guerric

Mary, by this admirable humility you did indeed render yourself worthy to captivate your king with your beauty; worthy to draw, by the sweet odor of your humility, the Eternal Son from his repose, from the bosom of God, into your most pure womb. (7)
        St. Bernard

Love for our Mother will be the breath that kindles into a living flame the embers of virtue hidden among the ashes of your lukewarmness.  (8)
         St. Josemaria Escriva

Fear not, Mary! . . . Our Lady was troubled at the presence of the Archangel, - Just in case I was thinking of throwing overboard those details of modesty, that are the safeguard of my purity!  (9)
         St. Josemaria Escriva


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Mary Introduction

Mary's Litany