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The peace of Christ is a different kind of peace than offered by the world.  The world offers peace through the absence of conflict, war, riot, confrontations, and violations of the natural law which is found in the hearts of right thinkers.  The peace of Christ is exemplified in the Mother of Christ.  Her answer to the angel's message that God wished her to be the Mother of His Son was given with a serenity which only came when her heart and soul was in union and harmony with the Lord.  Quietly, without dashing about, taking the opinion of friends, or deferring her decision till another time, in the silence of her union with God, Mary consented without hesitation with the words, "Be it done to me according to your word."

You are that most faithful dove; you were a sure Mediatrix between God and the world, lost in a spiritual deluge; you, by presenting yourself before God, have obtained for a lost world peace and salvation. (1)
        St. Bonaventure

Mary is that dove of Noah, which brought the olive-branch of universal peace to the Church. (2)
        St. Albert the Great

It was of the rainbow that God spoke when he promised Noah that he would place it in the clouds as a sign of peace, that on looking at it he might remember the eternal peace which he had covenanted to man.  Mary, is this bow of eternal peace; for, as God on seeing it remembers the peace promised to the earth, so does he, at the prayers of Mary, forgive the crimes of sinners, and confirm his peace with them. (3)
        St. Bernardine of Sienna

Mary is the peace-maker of the whole world: "Hail, reconciler of the whole world." (4)
        St. Basil of Selucia

Hail, reconciler of the whole world." (5)
        St. Ephrem

An enemy cannot undertake to appease his judge, who is at the same time the injured party; for if he did, instead of appeasing him, he would provoke him to greater wrath.  Since Mary was to be the mediatress of peace between men and God, it was of the utmost importance that she should not herself appear as a sinner and as an enemy of God, but that she should appear in all things as a friend, and free from every stain. (6)
         St. Gregory

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Mary Introduction

Mary's Litany