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why do we ask Mary to pray for us?  From earliest times, Mary was announced by prophets and scriptures to be the virgin through whom God would give all people their redeemer and savior.  She would become the portal whom God used to redeem the world by His Son made flesh.  Angel Gabriel's greeting to Mary tells the world the time of its redemption has arrived - thank you, Lord for your gift of Mary.  Through this sinless maiden, we have received God’s love personified, Jesus Christ.  Mary is then the Mother of God.

It is right and fitting that we pray to her.  Because of her honored privilege and our position as adopted children of God, we can, with complete confidence say, Holy Mary, pray for us.  We ask for her protection, blessings, her love and that she intercede with her son on our behalf.  As children turn to their mother for her love, consolation and assistance, so should we always fly to Mary in both good times and in bad.  Mary is not only a haven in time of need, she desires that we find true joy and peace by sharing in the life of her Son; through the sacraments of His Church and then with him perfectly forever in heaven.

Picture at Medjugorje taken by a
priest of a blank wall during Mary's

Salvation is occasionally more obtained by calling on the name of Mary than by invoking that of Jesus.  This is not because He is not the source and lord of all graces, but because, when we have recourse to the mother, and she prays for us, her prayers – the prayers of a mother—are more irresistible than our own. (1)  St. Anselm

There is no other name after that of the Son, in heaven or on earth, from which pious minds derive so much grace, hope, and sweetness. (2)  Abbot Francone

Your name, O Mary, cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who does so devoutly. (3)  St. Methodius

There is not on earth a sinner, however devoid he may be of the love of God, from whom the devil will be forced to flee, if he calls upon her holy name with a determination to repent. (4)  St. Bridget

As breathing is a sign of life, so also is the frequent pronunciation of the name of Mary a sign either of the life of divine grace, or that it will soon come; for this powerful name has in it the virtue of obtaining help and life for him who invokes it devoutly.
(5)  St. Germanus

The power of your most holy name, O ever-blessed Virgin Mary, is such that it softens the hardness of the human heart in a wonderful manner and allows the sinner to recover the hope of forgiveness and of grace. (6)  Bl. Raymond Jordano 

Sinners should use the name of Mary because it alone will cure them of all their evils; and there is no disorder, however malignant, that does not immediately yield to the power of the name of Mary. (7)  Richard of St. Laurence

It is will known, and is daily experienced by the clients of Mary, that her powerful name gives the particular strength necessary to overcome temptations against purity. (8)  Richard of St. Laurence

In dangers, in perplexities, in doubtful cases, think of Mary, call on Mary; let her not leave your lips; let her not depart from your heart. (9)  St. Bernard

In every danger of losing divine grace, we should think of Mary, and call upon her, together with that of Jesus; for these two names always go together.  Never let us permit theses two most sweet names to leave our hearts, or be off our lips; for they will give us strength not only not to yield, but to conquer all our temptations. (10)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

If we really desire to please the divine Mother, let us often salute her with the "Hail Mary." (11)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Since, in the Litany of our Blessed Lady, the Church teaches us to ask this good Mother so many times to pray for us, it will be well before meditating upon the titles by which she is invoked, we should consider the great power which her prayers have with God. (12)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Blessed is that person for whom Mary prays.  Jesus rejoices when his most Beloved Mother prays to him, that he may have the pleasure of granting her all she asks. (13)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

"My Mother, you very well know that I cannot do otherwise than grant your prayers; therefore, ask of me what you will.  When you were on earth, you denied me nothing, now that I am in heaven, I shall deny you nothing that you ask of me."  (14)  Overheard by St. Bridget of Jesus speaking to Mary

We beg you, O Holy Virgin, to grant us the help of your prayers with God; prayers that are more precious than all the treasures of the world; prayers that obtain for us a very great abundance of graces; prayers that confound all enemies, and triumph over their strength.
(15)  St. Andrew of Crete

O Mary, you cannot be named without inflaming the heart of him who does so with love for you. (16)  St. Bernard

Mary, what must you be, since your very name is so amiable and gracious  That name is filled with blessings.
(17)  Blessed Henry Suso

The name of Mary cannot be invoked without profit to him who does so.  Above all, this name has power to overcome the temptations of hell. (18)  St. Bonaventure

If  you desire consolation in every labor, have recourse to Mary; invoke the name of Mary, honor Mary, recommend yourselves to Mary, rejoice with Mary, weep with Mary, pray with Mary, walk with Mary, seek Jesus with Mary; in fine, desire to live and die with Jesus and Mary.  By acting in this way, you will always advance in the ways of God, for Mary will most willingly pray for you, and the Son will most certainly grant all that his Mother asks. (19)  Thomas à Kempis

Blessed is the man who loves your sweet name, O Mary, for your sweet name, O Mother of God! for your name is so glorious and admirable, that no one who remembers it has any fears at the hour of death. (20)  St. Bonaventure 

No one could salute Mary; in a manner more agreeable to herself than with the Hail Mary. (21)  St. Matilda

Mary willingly salutes us with grace, if we willingly salute her with a Hail Mary. (22)  St. Bonaventure

It is precisely by looking at Mary's face that we can see more clearly than in any other way the beauty, goodness and mercy of God.  In her face we can truly perceive the divine light. (23)  Benedict XVI, pope

Turn your eyes to the Virgin Mary, and learn from her 'yes'  to pronounce your own 'yes' to the divine call as well.
  (24)  Cardinal Angelo Comastri

There is no one, however wicked, whom Mary does not save by her intercession when she wishes ... He who has recourse to Mary shall be saved.  (25)  St. Alphonsus Liguori

Mary, Teacher of prayer.  See how she asks her Son, at Cana.  And how she insists, without losing heart, with perseverance. And how she succeeds. (26)  St. Josemaria Escrivá

We are confident that each of us is precious in your sight.  Guard our lives in your arms, bless and strengthen every desire for goodness. (27)  Francis I, pope

Today, the reformation of our nature begins, and the aging world is transformed anew to the divine likeness and receives the beginnings of a second formation by God.  (28)  Andrew of Crete

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