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As truth is defined as conformity of one's mind with reality, wisdom may be defined as any action or choice of the mind which is grounded in truth.  God is all truth whose laws reflect his majesty, his greatness and his love for us.  God has spoken to man through the prophets, His Son, through His Son's mother, His Son's Church, and the saints who are identified by the Church as enjoying the presence of God in heaven.

The greatest of all created beings most loved by God and loveable to him is His Mother Mary.  She perfectly reflects God's mind and was prepared by God to be His Son's mother.  We have been created to share in His life forever.  To understand the mind of the saints and the mind of Mary is to understand the will of God.  To act upon this understanding which reflects the will of God is the fruit of Wisdom.  Mary is the highest example and most perfect example of conformity of our mind to that of God, and is described as wisdom personified.  She is the one to whom we should pattern our thoughts and actions so they will reflect God's will which is true Wisdom.

How long ago would the world have been destroyed, had not Mary sustained it by her powerful intercession.
  (1)  St. Fulgentius

If I love Mary, I am certain of perseverance, and shall obtain whatever I wish from God. (2)  St. John Berchmans

It is by means of her, of her who is the mirror of justice and the seat of wisdom that Almighty God ordained that we should receive everything. (3) St. Pius X, pope

The Blessed Virgin understood the greatness of her son in that very first moment of her existence.  So enlightened, she instantly offered her entire self to her Lord, dedicating herself, without reserve, to his love and glory.  Immediately, our Queen determined to sacrifice her will to God, and to give him all her love for the whole of her life.  No one can understand how entire was the subjection in which she then placed her will, and how fully she was determined to do all according to his pleasure. (4)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

In Mary, God's goodness came very close to us.  Mary thus stands before us as a sign of comfort, encouragement and hope.  She turns to us, saying: "Have the courage to dare with God!  Try it!  Do not  be afraid of him!  Have the courage to risk with faith?!  Have the courage to risk with goodness!  Have the courage to risk with a pure heart!  Commit yourselves to God, then you will see that it is precisely by doing so that your life will become broad and light, not boring but filled with infinite surprises, for God's infinite goodness is never depleted!" (5)  Benedict XVI, pope

Let us ask the Virgin Mary to teach us the secret of silence that becomes praise, of recollection that is conducive to meditation, of love for nature that blossoms in gratitude to God.  Thus, we will more easily be able to welcome the light of the Truth into our hearts and practice it in freedom and love. (6)  Benedict XVI, pope

Learn from the Virgin Mary, the first person to contemplate the humanity of the Incarnate Word, the humanity of Divine Wisdom. (7)  Benedict XVI, pope

In the Baby Jesus, with whom she had infinite and silent conversations, she recognized the human Face of God, so that the mysterious Wisdom of the Son was impressed on the Mother's mind and heart.  So it was that Mary became the "Seat of Wisdom." (8)  Benedict XVI, pope

With Mary, Seat of Wisdom, turn your gaze to the One who was pierced for our sake, contemplate the inexhaustible source of love and truth, and you too will be able to become joyful disciples and witnesses. (9)  Benedict XVI, pope

Our Heavenly Mother invites us to shun evil and to do good, following with docility the divine law engraved in every Christian's heart.
(10)  Benedict XVI, pope

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